Estate Planning

We will create a solid estate plan to fit your unique needs, which
usually includes a Will, a Revocable or Irrevocable Trust, and Durable Powers of Attorney for Health Care and Property. Strohschein Law Group can also address the unique needs of business owners and families of children with special needs.

Estate Planning Case Studies

Family With Young Children Set Up Their Estate Plan

Strohschein Law Group recently worked with Jim and Marie, a married couple who wanted to set up their estate plan for the benefit of their young children. They have a home with a fair amount of equity in it, some debt that they are working to pay off and the potential to inherit a significant portion of the family business. Jim and Marie were looking to protect their assets and structure their estate for the benefit of their children upon their passing.

We created a plan which included Wills and Revocable Trusts for each of them, as well as Durable Powers of Attorney for Health Care and Property and HIPAA Releases. Strohschein Law Group also recommended that this couple look into purchasing long term care policies for themselves to hedge against the eventual cost of long term care should either Jim or Marie need costly care.

Family With Young Children Set Up Their Estate Plan

Strohschein Law Group was asked to help Bill update his estate plan in light of some dementia symptoms he was beginning to experience. We reviewed Bill’s current documents, which were approximately 10 years old, and since he still had mental capacity, we updated them as needed to reflect his current wishes. In particular, we added HIPAA language allowing Bill’s family members to talk to his physicians. Bill also asked us to coordinate a backup Trustee and Executor for him, since he no longer trusted his adult children to make financial decisions for him. Strohschein Law Group was able to locate a geriatric care manager who would stand in for him in a decision making capacity if his dementia grew worse to the point where he would be unable to make sound decisions for himself.

Bill also sought assistance in setting up a separate trust to hold a valuable vacation home that he was hoping to keep in the family for generations to come. Few of his children had the financial ability to maintain the property; therefore, Bill made a financial contribution to the newly created real estate trust so that taxes, maintenance and insurance could be paid for at least five years following his death. Bill wanted his family to continue to use the property which had many happy memories for all of them, and if the time came to sell the property, that an equal distribution would be had between the children when the proceeds became available.

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NOTE: The above examples are provided as a tool to begin the discussion about estate planning and are not intended as legal advice. Do not rely upon the above examples for your own planning without the advice of an experienced estate planning attorney to guide you.