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Waiting to claim Social Security benefits until you are 70 years old
April 21, 2022

Claiming Social Security Benefits at Age 70

If you are about to turn 70, congratulations on reaching a big milestone.  And if you also have delayed claiming Social Security retirement benefits up till now, you are joining a select group -- only 6.5 percent of Social Security…

A pile of tax documents in preparation for filing yearly taxes
March 10, 2022

Things to Remember at Tax Time

Tax Day, which is Tuesday, April 19 in 2022, is approaching and it is time to begin crossing T's and dotting I's in preparation for paying taxes. As tax time draws near, you want to make sure you file all the proper…

November 23, 2021

Strohschein Values

“The Experience You Require and the Compassion You Appreciate” is more than just a tagline for us. We deal with sensitive family situations every day, and our core values help us stay focused on these important issues as we help…

Social Security Administration
October 22, 2021

The New Road to Retirement

Thank you to our friends at the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys for sharing this article with us. The Social Security cost-of-living adjustment for 2022 could be 6% to 6.1%, according to the latest estimate from The Senior Citizens…


The Need for Medicaid Planning

One of the greatest fears of older Americans is that they may end up in a nursing home. This not only means a great loss of personal autonomy, but also a tremendous financial price. Careful planning can help ease the…

vaccine scam v2
March 31, 2021


We are pleased to pass along this important information from our friends at TC Wealth Partners of Downers Grove. Please note that COVID fraud is rapidly evolving and we urge you to be cautious if you receive unsolicited requests for personal,…

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